A trip the country

Some friends invited me to go and explore an old convent. Sadly the night before I got drunk and wasn’t capable of talking, let alone having the most basic of faculties required to go exploring. Upon sobering up I saw their pictures of Flickr and knew that I had to go so when the opportunity arose to go with Rebecca and Danny I leapt at the chance and went to bed early the night before just to be sure I was on tip top form. Was picked up bright and breezy the next morning and being the all round well prepared chaps that they are Danny and Rebecca had a couple of other non urbex sites in the area.

After a couple of hours we arrived and were pleasantly surprised at the size of the building. Upon entering we were greeted by statues, wooden staircases and long corridors that led to a pretty big chapel with a colourful stained glass window. The sun had come out and light was pouring through the coloured glass. The next hour or so was spent filling our memory cards with the details surrounding us. The usual textbook exit and we left the building as if we’d never been there.

With the day being still young we headed off to some ship wrecks Danny had heard about. After traipsing through a cow pat riddled field we opted to sit around and smoke while Danny did some leg work. Ten minutes passed, allowing us to savour the rich aroma of digested grass, before he returned to say he’d found them. We followed him across the field to the edge of the river bank where we saw the hulls of several ship wrecks that have been placed there over the years.

After shooting the wrecks and watching Danny mess around with filters for an hour we moved on to the local cathedral for the kind of architecture that HDR photographers dream of. Hope you like the images.

You can follow Dan Marvaix’s work here http://www.flickr.com/photos/odins_raven/ Or like it on Facebook if that’s your bag www.facebook.com/odinsravenphotography