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HDR One is an evolving site and entirely flexible according to the demands of its readers. If you have any suggestions, or positive feedback so we know what we are doing right, or any ideas for new sections on the site, then please leave them in the comments box below.

Please don’t submit personal attacks or unhelpful comments. They’ll be deleted.

We look forward to your feedback!


  • Mike Dooley

    Love it so far! I really like the images from the different photographers, especially the ones that have a paragraph or two about how the shot or processed the image.

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      Thanks Mike. We’re going to encourage more elaboration on processing techniques from now on.

  • Larraine Leslie

    would love to subscribe – your system won’t let me

    • Jimmy

      Hi Larraine. Could you send me your email through the contact page please?

      Thanks and apologies


    Discovered your publication earlier today while on G+ and decided to download the first two issues… noticed right away the September-October photo contest… Great idea, however what about those of us that do not have a FB account (and don’t want one as well), how do we enter?

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      You’re right. We have isolated the non-facebook users. Initially we didn’t have a google+ page. 90% of our visits came from facebook so that’s where we staged the contest.

      Next time round we will run it on our site so anyone can enter.


  • Jill

    Paying Facebook is not good. You’re not the first person who has mentioned this. I’m on the email list, but if you go somewhere else, I will join you there. On my way to G+ to find you now. Anyway, thanks for everything you do. I am an HDR photographer, always trying to learn more and get more polished.

  • Mike

    Hey Jimmy,
    Hope this is the correct place to write this…let me start out by saying I love the site and everything your doing so far. I’m excited to be a part of it.
    I just wanted to let you know one thing about the site and then I have a question….. I love the way the site looks but I’m not sure if your aware of the way the site presents itself on Firefox. All the header items are jumbled and not clickable. Some menu items overlap others and if positioning the cursor just right I may get the submenus. This is not a criticism just an fyi, hope it helps.

    Also I’ve written a draft for my blog introducing your site and posting a photo of my entry for the first challenge. Would it be okay to post it? Certainly may bring more traffic to your site.
    Thanks again and if I can do anything else let me know.

    • Jimmy

      Hi Mike!

      Thanks a lot for the kind words and blog post.

      And thank you especially for the feedback. You are actually the second person who has contacted us about this. We spoke to our developers and they are sure that it is either an incompatibility with the current version of firefox or an add on.

      However, installing the new Beta version of firefox completely resolves the problem.

      Thanks again

      • mike

        Hi Jimmy, installing the current version does not clear up the problem, at least for me. I decided to disable adblock and that worked, the only problem is that you have to do it for every page on the site. Maybe the developers can look at that.

        • Jimmy

          Thanks for that Mike. Someone else just said the exact same thing. I actually have an option to disable adblock from the entire site, which seems to work. Do you have that option?

  • Will

    Love the shot of “Kings Cross station”! Reminds me of the scene in the film “Dune” when the “Navigator” makes an entrance.

  • Peter McDade

    Hello Jimmy,
    Very interesting site. Glad I found it. I will purchase the videos next month. Very busy few weeks ahead. You are probably aware but in Chrome the thumbnail images do not display and in Internet Explorer it is the same and says “in legacy mode something is not right with the site”, or words to that effect. Cheers.