Trey Ratcliff – Life In New Zealand

I was asked to share something a bit personal for this piece, so I suppose that the newest chapter in my life would be pertinent.  I’ve recently moved to New Zealand with my family and moved into a house in the middle of a valley that looks at mountains in every direction.  I have taken over the 2-bedroom cottage next to the main house as my “fortress of solitude.”  I knew I would enjoy having my studio and my personal space out there, but one thing I did not expect is the short morning walk.

It’s the middle of winter down here, so the mornings are cool and crisp.  The sun is usually coming up after I get my morning coffee and walk over to the cottage.  The morning sun is always coming up behind the cabin, so I walk right into it.  There are stone steps and a little garden with many kinds of plants that I pass through in the way.  The light comes through them a little different every morning.  Some mornings there are low clouds.  Some mornings there is a bit of dew on the red stalks.  Some mornings there is a veil of frost shining pink on top of matted grasses.  I walk slowly over to the cabin, and it puts me in a nice mood for the day.

Some Photos

Trey is a world renowned HDR photographer and his excellent work can be found at Stuck in Customs. Be sure to check out his exciting new HDR project at