Notre Dame Montreal

Title – Notre Dame Montreal

Photographer – Andrew Marston

Technical Information

  • 9 bracketed NEF files imported to Adobe Lightroom 3 and converted to DNG
  • Lens corrections and manual chromatic abberation correction in LR3
  • Tone Mapped in Photomatix 4
  • Tone mapped image blended with original source images
  • Edited and polished in Photoshop CS5
  • Final HDR photo re-imported to LR3 for sharpening and adding a slight vignette (once I move to PS, I usually stay there… I’m not sure what my logic was for re-importing to Lightroom… but that’s how it went down)


My name is Andrew Marston. I’m a professional graphic designer and photographer. In a job interview I once described myself in these three words: creative, friendly, and focused. Born and raised in scenic coastal Maine,  I attended university in big sky Indiana and then spent several years in southern Japan (英語でも日本語でもコメントをどうぞね). Aside from photography I’m interested in running, camping, video games, manga, productivity and the accordion.