Ice Flow Sunset

Title – Ice Flow Sunset

 Photographer name –  Jay Parker


 Description of place

Kill Kare state park on Lake Champlain, St. Albans Vermont. After a mild winter a flow of stubborn ice of various geometric shapes and sizes runs ashore.

 Technical information

Camera – Canon 1000d/Rebel XS

 Lens – Sigma 10-20mm EX F3.5

 HDR Software –  Photomatix Pro

 ISO –  100

 Aperture –  F10

 Number of exposures – 4 bracketed with exposure bias +1, 0, -1, -2

 Tripod/handheld – Tripod

 Extra processing information:

 Lens barreling corrected, sharpened, denoised in Lightroom 3. Some dodging and burning in the foreground and sky in Elements 8. Pushed the colors and tones of the sky a bit further using Nik Color Efex 3 by applying a bi-color filter and then masking out the effect on the foreground.

 Photographers bio

Three years ago, on a virtual whim, I purchased a dslr. After a few weeks of monkeying around with it, having zero idea how to operate it I asked myself why the hell I’d spent $600 on this thing? Bumbling around on flickr I discovered HDR photography and suddenly that $600 lump of plastic and aluminium became much, much more interesting. The next three years saw first, a gradual understanding of what this thing could do and how, through various elements of processing, I could bend the photons it captured to my will. It’s been a bit of a passion and an endless learning experience ever since.