Fireworks in Singapore

Title – Fireworks on Marina Bay Sands

Photographer – Partha Roy


This is 12 different composite pictures. I taken 2 hrs for taking these different 12 shots and spend more than 6 hrs to blend them manually in Photoshop and enhance using different technique and used different plug-ins i.e. Nik Softwares Color Efex Pro, Viveza 2, Topaz Adjust and Denoise.

Every year in Singapore (Marina Bay Area) firework take place in different time. NDP (National Day Parade) is one of them. It’s a big event and starting from the month of July every weekend (mainly on Saturday) fireworks take place till 9th Aug (know as NDP event date/Singapore National Day) and give opportunity to Photographers to shoot fireworks from different spot @ Marina Bay Area. Fireworks generally happen around 7:50pm but for getting a right place you have to be there around 4/4:30pm.

This year I have tried something different. I placed the tripod in my preferred location around 4:30pm but due to rain I taken a shelter under a shade. Around 5:30pm I realized it wouldn’t get stop (it was drizzling) and may b I loose the place so I came out from the shelter and taken my spot. my luck favored and around 6:00pm it stopped. I quickly setup my camera and taken some blue hour shot. It was an awesome blue hour I have ever seen. I know if again rain comes then it will spoil my setup. But fortunately no rain was there. I didn’t disturb my cam at all after taking the blue hr shot because I know I can use this blue hr shot with my fireworks shot….Then I waited for fireworks till 7:55pm. I took some fireworks in different exposure after that I taken some laser show which generally happen after fireworks. I was happy and came back home with a big smile. I selected 12 best pictures i.e. 2 for the overall blue hour sky n water, 1 for MBS, 1 for Lotus like MBS Art science museum, 1 for colorful esplanade theater by the bay, 1 for Laser show, 6 for different fireworks and blend them.


ISO – 100

Aperture – f/22

Shutter Speed –  4, 8 secs

For Fireworks


ISO – 200

Aperture – f/11

Shutter Speed –  3 secs, 6 secs

Focal Length: 8mm

Gear Used


Camera : Canon 7D

Lens: Samyang 8mm f3.5 fisheye

Tripod: Manfrotto 055XPROB


By profession I am an I.T engineer and working as a Software Analyst in a Bank. I have a passion towards photography from my childhood and I like to capture each and every moment of life and beauty of nature by the help of a small hole. The passion and the hobby towards photography gradually makes me a photographer and I always like to spend my free time with my camera and photography. My wife knows that photography is my second wife in my life. But in spite of that she always support and appreciate my work with a big smile on her face which inspires me and gives lot of motivation. I believe each life and every element and object has its own capability to create a magical moment. The moments that you want to keep forever and you want to treasure in your heart and mind. You should prepare and keep your eyes open to capture those moments. Basically I’m a picture-taker, fun-lover and fun-maker photographer who like to capture and freeze the moment of each and every aspect of life to make it unforgettable with help of my black box.

  • Andrew Steel

    Very beautiful and such dedication to get such an excellent shot, really like your article too and admire your outlook.

    • Jimmy McIntyre

      I agree, and I met Partha in Singpapore. He’s extremely passionate about HDR. He was even telling me about a shot that was a composite of 56 images!!