Photographer name: VINEET SUTHAN


Description of place:

Dubai, UAE.

I had seen some photographs of this location shot by few photographers in town but none had shot during the blue hour. So I headed out to this place with one of my colleague to this location. Though we had the coordinates, we were lost due to the fact that the road to this area is not fully opened to public. Finally we were just right therein time for the shoot.

Technical information

ISO 200, D800 using 14-24mm F/2.8 Nikkor Lens.

9 exposures were shot using Tripod during the blue hour. Out of the 9 exposures, 6 were only used for HDR. The files were first merged in Photomatix and then saved as Floating point tiff. This floating point tiff is then brought into lightroom and then processed via Nik Efex HDR Pro 2 and saved as normal Tiff file.. The Resulting Tiff file is then processed in Photoshop for the final adjustment using Nik Filters.

Photographers bio

My name is Vineet Suthan, By profession I am System Engineer living and working in Dubai, UAE. and Photography is my hobby and passion. I love HDR, and most of my architectural photos are HDR’s. I have been shooting HDRs for almost 3 years. The other side of photography which I am smitten is Fashion and Beauty. I can be found at,

  • Chris Maskell

    This is something special. I love the curve leading into the shot, blue hour is perfect, the glassy water and the processing all spot on

  • vineetsuthan

    Thank you @chrismaskell:disqus .