An Old, Dark Room

Title – “No reception today…”

Photographer name – Janne Olkkonen

Description of place

This is a view inside of an antiques shop located in Töreboda, Sweden

Technical information

Camera –Sony DSLR-A300

Lens – Sigma 18-50 F2.8 EX

HDR Software – Photomatix Pro 4

ISO -100

Aperture –f2.8

Number of exposures – Autobracketed 3 exposures (-0.7, 0, +0.7)

Tripod/handheld –I used a small table as a stand

Extra processing information:

Final processing was done in Photoshop CS5

Photographers bio

My name is Janne Olkkonen, a Finnish lad located in Sweden. I’m an IT Consultant by day but my real passion is photography and photoshop. I want to explore every genre of photography and not limit myself in any manner. HDR is the style I got started with and still find it’s possibilities the best in all photography.
I hope my glimpses of the world help you understand yourself and the world.

It’s a pleasure to share my work with you all! Keep spreading the joy…:)

Cheers, my friends


More of my works can be seen on my online galleries: