A Dark Bridge

Title – Spirit

Photographer name – Srećko Jubić


Description of place

  Church of St. Spirit  was constructed in 12th century on a small island, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow passage. The settlement Posedarje(Croatia) is situated in a place that has been inhabited since the 12th century. Posedarje is situated on the banks of Novigrad Sea (Novigradsko more) in the Bay near Maslenice bridge (Maslenički most) 25 km northeast of the port city of Zadar.

 Technical information

Camera –Nikon D7000

Lens – Tamron 17-50 F 2.8

HDR Software – Photomatix

ISO -100

Aperture – F 11

Number of exposures – one

Tripod/handheld –Tripod

Extra processing information:PS and Photomatix

 Photographers bio

My name is Srećko Jubić and my home town is Zadar(Croatia).I’m
working as a tennis coach and mine big love is photography.