Luznica Castle, Zapresic

Title – Luznica Castle

Photographer – Boris Frkovic

Luznica Castle (local name Dvorac Lužnica) located near Zapresic (ln: Zaprešić) is a baroque castle and touristic point of interest built in 1791 and owned by the Convent of St. Vincent de Paul. The castle was previously owned by Croatian nobility, namely the Cikulin (ln: Čikulin), Moscon and Rauch families.
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Technical data:
PENTAX K5 + TAMRON 10-24 @10mm
1/125, f/8, ISO 100
HDR, 5 exp, RAW
About me:
I live and work in Zagreb, picturesque central European city with interesting architecture whose history goes back all the way to the late 11th century. Of special interest is the old part of the city, the Upper Town, which is the oldest part of the city and has a great view over the both sides of Sava river. By profession I am computer programmer, and photography is my hobby and passion. I love to take pictures of nature and city. I’ve made my first steps in photography in 1974 when I bought my first camera, Smena 8M. It was then that I became familiar with chemicals and processes used for film development. Due to personal and business obligations I spent less time on photography during the 80s and the 90s, and mostly took pictures to fill the family albums. I started to photograph more actively three years ago when I bought my first DSLR, PENTAX K200D. I love taking pictures of nature, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration because of the diversity of colours and scenes, regardless of the season and time of day. During the week I like going to Savica lakes in the suburbs of Zagreb. There you can find a beautiful nature with diverse flora and fauna. It’s a great place to experiment with framing. At the moment TAMRON 10-24 is my favorite lens for taking pictures of nature and city life. I love HDR, and most of my photos are HDR’s.
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