Gloucester Cathedral

Title – Gloucester Cathedral

Photographer – Andrew Steel


This picture was taken at Gloucester Cathedral, it is part of the cloister and was used as the location for some of the Hogwarts footage in the Harry Potter films. The Cathedral itself is magnificent and very photographer friendly, it’s easy to spend a day there and it has the added benefits of the tower which is accessible a certain times, and the crypt which for me is a favourite location for shooting.


 Taken on a Sony NEX-5 with pancake 16mm and fisheye attachment, settings: ISO200, f10, exposure time 1.6 and plus/minus 2 stops bracketing. Merged in Photomatix Pro 4, final finishing in Lightroom 4.

Bio – Andrew Steel

I have been shooting DSLR for the last 4 years using Canons, early this year I moved on to the Sony NEX-5, I am convinced that for my type of photography the CSC’s are the right way to go so in the last month I have upgraded to the NEX-7 with a Rokinon 8mm fisheye. Every shoot now is with the intention of processing in HDR except for some night time photography when it is just not possible to get enough light on the sensor.

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  • Mike Hardisty

    Those cloisters are great. I’m down at Slimbridge later this year with a group. Might just take an extra day and visit the cathedral. Is it photographaer friendly, Tripods allowed, photo permits etc.

    • Andrew Steel

      Very photographer friendly, tripods allowed, all they ask for is a £5 donation which for me is excellent value.

      • Mike Hardisty

        Sounds good. £5, not bad at all…