Fire Walk

Title – Fire Walk

Photographer – Bill Fritz


5 Shots
Canon 550D
ISO 100

I was doing a wedding at Candlewood Inn (a reception hall on the bank of Candlewood Lake in Connecticut USA) when I took this photo. I do wedding photography with my grandfather who has been in the business for over 30 years. Guess thats where I get it from lol

It was the first dance, the bride and groom holding each other and swaying back and forth to the rhythm of their love song. Behind them is a glass window that overlooks the lake. This window was a distraction to me since 1) Windows/Mirrors are an event photographers nightmare, and 2) There was this gorgeous sunset going on while I was inside!
I promptly waved to my Grandfather and scurried out the door. That is how I got this shot. Dont tell the bride and groom though, k?

Fritz Photography is a product of 10 years of photographic knowledge and experience. The company’s founder William Fritz has been shooting Wedding/Event Photography since a young age with his family business “Video Affair”, a company well known in Connecticut, USA for its personal, creative, and admirable service to their clients for over 30 years.
Over the years Bill has developed his technique and studied the various forms of photography, HDR being on the top of his list. Well known for his High Dynamic photography, Bill continues to challenge himself and push the limits of his camera…and Photomatix for that matter.