Black and White Horses

Title: “Black & White”
Photographer: Jip van Bodegom
Taken in: Sweden

It was a latenight evening and I was followed by these two horses in the field. They were pretty curious of what I was doing so I took my time and tried to let them focus on something else. I waited till they walked away and took the photo. The subject was interesting, but the clouds were really too light. Because this photo was taken from a tripod I could easily make a HDR from the clouds. In Photoshop I have put the horses photo over the clouds HDR photo and deleted the background.

ISO: 2000
Focus length: 17mm
Diaphragm: f / 4
Shutterspeed: 1/50 sec. (for the horses) and 90 sec. + B/W filter (for the clouds)

Biography Jip van Bodegom

I do not like to tell something about myself. I’d rather let my work speak, but in short: Photography is a passion that I am working on for some time. It all started 11 years ago when I firstly get in touch with photography. I received a 1 megapixel digital camera for my 14th birthday and found a new interest. Passionate as I was I mostly learned by just taking and analysing photos without lots of knowledge from the books. The self-learning and exploring method still makes it just more interesting for me.

I have studied Photography at the school of Professional Photography for one year and stopped because it descreased my motivation extremely. I believe there isn’t a certain way to learn and understand creativity.

I can describe my work as dramatic, dark and mystic. I just like the filmish and almost surreal atmospheric scenes like a tensive dream.