A Jetty on Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

Title – Lake Wakatipu

Photographer – Ian Rushton


This is a shot of the lake along the road to Glenorchy.  I drove down a small side road which led down to a boat ramp and this old jetty. The water in this lake is crystal clear…  about as clean and crisp as you will find anywhere.  Its also VERY cold!  And, its also a near perfect mirror for the colours of the evening sky.

Technical info

Nikon D5100 using a Nikkor 18-55 lens at 100 ISO. All were from 3 RAW shots –2,0,+2.

I do my initial HDR rendering in Photomatix. I then open up the 16bit TIFF’s in Photoshop where I do all my ‘enhancement and repair’ work.  After that the resultant JPG is given a final tweak in Adobe Lightroom if and as required.

 Bio – Ian Rushton

I live in Auckland, New Zealand though I was originally from the UK – MANY many years ago!  While I’ve work mostly in the IT industry (that still pays the bills!) I also spend an equal amount of time as a musician, producer and recording engineer and run a small home-based recording studio called Black Sands Music.


I’ve also released around 10 self-produced and funded albums over the years.  And, I also have a band called The Stragglers. We released our debut album recently:


 And of course I have a keen interest in photography dating back several decades, originally of course working with film.  I quite happily and easily made the transition to digital photography when it became more common-place and it was not long ago that I stumbled across Trey’s Ratcliff’s work by chance at which time I subsequently fell in love HDR photography!    I have recently started building up my HDR portfolio most of which can be viewed online here at my Smugmug site:   http://ianrushton.smugmug.com/